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Current Version 4.7.2
Latest Version   4.8.9

The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.8.9

1) [Feature] : Added support for Hosting Controller Panel (Windows). You can refer to the install guide here.

2) [Feature] : Added option to backup installations on remote server via FTP. Endusers can add multiple remote backup locations and choose the preferred location. Support for FTPS, SFTP, Dropbox, etc will be added soon. You can refer to the guide here.

3) [Feature] : Added Statistics for Installations, Outdated Installations and Backups on Softaculous Enduser panel dashboard.

4) [Task] : Improved the Cloning process by pushing it in background to avoid timeout.

5) [Task] : Added option in Softaculous Admin panel to edit Email Templates for all available languages separately. You can refer to the guide here.

6) [Task] : Added pre_addcron and post_addcron filters. Guide is available here.

7) [Task] : In Softaculous Remote, added SFTP and FTPS support for importing installation from remote location.

8) [Task] : PHP version detection in Softaculous for users using cPanel with EasyApache4 MultiPHP Manager was disabled temporarily in Softaculous due to a bug in cPanel versions to API. cPanel team has fixed their API in hence the PHP version detection is added back.

9) [Task] : Added a setting in Softaculous Admin Panel -> Settings "Sync installations list with Softaculous Records" so if the installation directory does not exist it will be automatically removed from Softaculous records.

10) [Task] : Added a setting in Softaculous Admin Panel -> Settings "Detect and update actual version of installations" so if the user has manually updated their installation the correct version will be updated in Softaculous record via CRON.

11) [Task] : Added support for subdomains in ISPConfig.

12) [Bug Fix] : If the installations had symlinks having target path more than 100 characters, the symlinks were not backed up properly. This is now fixed. (Magento 2.x has symlinks with long target paths).

13) [Bug Fix] : Edit installation database password was showing wrong if "Store Database Password in encrypted format" was enabled and then after when it was disabled. This is now fixed.

14) [Bug Fix] : When the user has selected native PHP in CageFS Softaculous was fetching wrong PHP binary path for adding cron job. This is fixed now.

15) [Bug Fix] : In ISPmanager (Business version), added support to detect if the setting to add the username as database name prefix is enabled and generate database name accordingly.

16) [Bug Fix] : Added support for custom control panel port in ISPConfig.

17) [Bug Fix] : On Edit Installation page, the database password was not displayed correctly if it contained characters (&#) consecutively. This is now fixed.

18) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, Backup and Restore progress data was not updated in task list page. This is now fixed.

19) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Remote, if the server was using split zips to unzip script packages in part the old zips that were not required were not deleted. The splitted zip files that are not required will now be deleted when the updated script package is downloaded.

20) [Bug Fix] : In Softaculous Enterprise, fixed the SDK example for delete domain and edit user.

The Softaculous Team

All times are GMT. The time now is March 28, 2017, 9:36 pm.

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