Show Top Scripts


This will display the Top Scripts Group to the endusers for easy access to the script(s) installation pages. Check this if you want to ENABLE Top Apps Category in the Control Panel. If checked ONLY then the Top Apps will be showed.

If you select less than 14 scripts and if you enable this feature it will append the remaining number of Apps after your selected scripts (the total scripts will not exceed 14).

Select your scripts from below

 Joomla 2.5
 OpenCart 1.5
 Drupal 7
 Magento 1.9
 Open Real Estate
 Moodle 2.8
 Open Blog
 MediaWiki 1.27
 CMS Made Simple
 Open eShop
 Vision Helpdesk
 Zen Cart
 Loaded Commerce
 Seo Panel
 Open Source Social Network
 Feng Office
 WebMail Lite
 Revive Adserver
 Mibew Messenger
 Website Baker
 Drupal 6
 Podcast Generator
 BlackNova Traders
 TYPO3 45
 Live helper chat
 Help Center Live
 Shadows Rising
 TYPO3 6
 Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
 Open Journal Systems
 Advanced Guestbook
 Multiplayer Checkers
 Webinsta Maillist
 TYPO3 7
 Form Tools
 RainLoop Webmail
 Sitemagic CMS
 Mantis Bug Tracker
 Moodle 2.0
 Open Source Point of Sale
 Moodle 2.6
 Open Business Card
 Sales Syntax
 Privacy Policy Generator
 Word Search Puzzle
 PHP QR Code
 The Bug Genie
 Invoice Ninja
 Tiny Tiny RSS
 Trellis Desk
 Aardvark Topsites
 Moodle 3.3
 Advanced Poll
 Faveo Helpdesk
 Family Connections
 Simple PHP Poll
 Group Office 5
 Feed On Feeds
 VX Guestbook
 Tine 2.0
 thirty bees
 Open Web Analytics
 SeoToaster Ecommerce
 PHPKode Guestbook
 Monsta FTP
 Chevereto Free
 PrestaShop 1.4
 Thelia 2
 Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 12
 AJAX Chat
 CJ Dynamic Poll
 Ext JS
 Fiyo CMS
 Maian Support
 HTML Purifier
 Group Office 6.1
 SeoToaster CMS
 Movable Type
 Logic Invoice
 Open Conference Systems
 Carbon Forum
 my little forum
 OpenBiz Cubi
 Hotaru CMS
 Magento 1.7
 GNU social
 Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 15
 Dada Mail
 Xerte Online Toolkits
 Support Incident Tracker
 Gallery 2
 Nuked Klan
 Magento 1.8
 Concrete5 5.7
 Little Software Stats
 Postfix Admin
 Moodle 2.7
 Concrete5 5.6
 PHP Address Book
 Unclassified NewsBoard
 PrestaShop 1.7
 Group Office
 Firefly III
 Manage Your Team
 Open Monograph Press
 Elgg 1
 MediaWiki 1.29
 Maian Cart
 Reader Self
 OpenCart 2
 Wolf CMS
 LibreHealth EHR
 Forma LMS
 Zikula 1.5

Note :
If NO Scripts are selected than TOP 14 Apps as per Softaculous will be displayed.
You should select more than 15 scripts because IF one of the scripts is not available to the USER then the next script in the scripts list will be displayed.


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