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Shopware   (3.45 out of 5)(3.45 out of 5)(3.45 out of 5)(3.45 out of 5)(3.45 out of 5)
Version : 5.6.7   Notify Softaculous of a new Version
Release Date : 08-06-2020  

  • Wide range of functions

    The standard version of Shopware includes many innovative and unique features that give the software a basis for creating an attractive and sophisticated online store.

  • Extendable via plugins

    Shopware is a modular eCommerce system. This means that many practical and profitable extras can be added in order to increase functionality. Start small and expand when needed.

  • Upgrade to PE/EE available

    If you have decided for the Community or Professional Editions, you can seamlessly migrate at any time to the Professional or Enterprise Editions.

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