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WikkaWiki   (4.35 out of 5)(4.35 out of 5)(4.35 out of 5)(4.35 out of 5)(4.35 out of 5)
Version : 1.4.2   Notify Softaculous of a new Version
Release Date : 19-04-2020  

  • Support for different types of embedded elements:
    • Images
    • Flash
    • Tabular Data
    • safe HTML code
    • RSS feeds
    • I-frames
    • Freemind data and maps
    • "menulets," small actions suitable for embedding in custom menus
  • User-selectable and modular theme support.
  • Administration modules to manage pages and users, including tools for bulk operations like user removal or page reversion.
  • Advanced (but optional) access control, with user registration, password management and provision for user profiles, as well as access control lists for page access.
  • Advanced Syntax Highlighting using GeSHi:
    • support for 68 markup/programming languages;
    • easily customizable output;
    • (optional) line numbering;
    • clickable markup pointers to official documentation;
  • Several page-related features, including full revision control, comments, categories, text searching, page cloning, advanced referrer management, file uploading/downloading interface, and a GUI page editor.
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